Agudah South is pleased to offer the following convenient services to stay up to date with what is going on in the Shul (Announcements, Bulletins, Divrei Torah, Events and Special Occasions), submit names to the Cholim list, or add Yahrzeits to our calendar.

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Have an special occasion that you would like announce? Send us an email before 12:00 Thursday to add to the Weekly Shul Bulletin.

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If you have a name to add to the Cholim list, please submit it here. We update the Cholim list monthly, so entering it here, along with your email, will ensure that we don’t remove it without notifying you!

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If you have a Yartzheit, please enter the name and date here. Please keep in mind to enter the Hebrew date (you can type it in English or Hebrew) so that we know when the Yartzheit is.

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